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Oyster Stout

Oyster Stout

Like most reasonable people, a succulent Nova Scotia oyster makes us think one thing and one thing only: get in my beer. Medium-bodied with gentle roasted undertones and a clean mineral finish, our Oyster Stout is lovingly crafted with fresh Pristine Bay oysters. We toss those delightful little suckers in during the last ten minutes of the boil—shell, meat, juice, and all!—to infuse our stout with a true taste of the sea.

ABV- 6.1% IBU-30

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An ordinary beer that’s extraordinarily tasty. Earthy bitterness is perfectly balanced with layers of caramel sweetness in this malt-forward brew. Our Ordinary Bitter may pack a hoppy punch, but it’s nothing that an adventurous spirit like yourself can’t handle.

ABV- 5% IBU-37

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Can you brew the feeling of a summer sunset? No, you cannot. But you can brew beer. And then you can drink that beer. Our Golden Rye Ale has bright citrus undertones, light malt sweetness, and a clean hop finish. It’s no breathtaking sunset, but it’s about as close as you can get to a big golden glass of summer.

ABV- 5.1% IBU-28

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