The Legend of Sober Island

Legend has it Nova Scotian sailors would toast the discovery of new lands. As you can imagine, navigating the eastern shore archipelagos led to more than a few raised glasses.
By the time they reached our home, supplies were understandably short and only one name seemed appropriate: Sober Island.
Today, warm hospitality and craft ale await all those with adventurous hearts.

Our Story

Founded in 2016, Sober Island Brewing has been an integral part of the Nova Scotian craft brewing scene for seven remarkable years. In August 2023, a new chapter began when Steve and Nancy Giles, seeking a change after long and successful careers in Alberta, took the reins of this coastal gem. We are committed to preserving the essence of the brewery while embracing positive change. We continue to honor the traditions set by the founder, crafting beers that reflect the character of our coastal surroundings. Simultaneously, we strive to bring fresh perspectives, new flavors, and a renewed sense of community to Sober Island Brewing. At the heart of Sober Island Brewing's success is our Head Brewer, Tim MacLeod. With a wealth of experience and dedication to excellence, Tim oversees the creation of our signature ales.

Seas are never 100% calm when you’re brewing in small batches & using high-quality local ingredients, but we only do things the hard way. It’s tastier like that.

Our Vision

At Sober Island Brewing, we envision a community united by the love of finely crafted ales and a shared passion for coastal living. Our goal is to not only brew exceptional beers but to create an experience that captures the spirit of the maritime lifestyle. We believe in the power of storytelling, and with every pint of Sober Island beer, we aim to share the tales of our coastal home.