This here’s our Oyster Stout. We call it Beth’s Black. Once our killer stout ale is as stoutly as it can be, we throw pristine bay oysters in during the last 10 minutes of the boil (shell, meat, juice, and all) to add a true taste of the sea.

In 1971 Hurricane Beth brought one helluva blackout, not to mention the destruction of a Sheet Harbour pulp mill—every family still living in the area remembers her darkness. Today, we respect her power and the gloom she brought. Flood your mug with our stout in her honour.


Our blonde ale’s easy-drinking, smooth, and totally thirst-quenching. Ain’t nothing wrong with a list like that. Beer noobs and beer snobs all agree: the contents of this can rate 12/10.

The Marigold flower that blossoms up and down Nova Scotia’s rough terrain screams sunny days. These flowers are warming and fragrant, and add as much colour to our land as this beer adds to your weekend. Take a moment to pick yourself a bouquet. Maybe it’s a bouquet of marigold flowers, or of marigold beers. We don’t judge.


Classified as an “english bitter”, but who the heck named it that, anyway? Our Beachstone is far from bitter. It’s smooth, malty, and has a slightly spicy finish. Maybe you’ll have to see for yourself. Hey, it’s nothing an adventurous spirit like yourself can’t handle.

There’re only about two months of the year that you can venture on a Nova Scotia beach in a bikini. And maybe that’s a shame; I haven’t seen your bikini. But there’re 12 months that you can appreciate the roaring surf, the strong wind, and the perfectly round beachstones that look so pretty alongside a can of this beer.

The Atlantic Ocean has always had a reputation as a salty seductress. It’s wild, it’s cold and it’s angry. When on her waves, sailors were understandably humbled by her power. Assuming a long, cold voyage ended with profit and success, the soul needed to be rewarmed. And hey, wouldn’t you know it? This beer excels at that.

What makes an IPA “West Coast”? Well, it’s all those West Coast-y hops we use. See, most hops are used for a dainty aroma-we use a lot of Simcoe hops for big, strong, untamed flavor. You are brave. Wade in deep. Let the powerful waves break around you.

Available at the NSLC

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